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4 Ways to Break Down Your Cannabis Without a Grinder

Having a grinder can help you enhance your cannabis smoking experience. It helps you break down your cannabis with ease while saving a lot of time for you. But what if you are all set to smoke your buds but can’t find a grinder to grind them?

A lot of people are now using cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. They can easily consult a medical cannabis doctor to get an MMJ card to buy medical cannabis. And when it comes to the methods of consuming cannabis, most people still choose to smoke it. When it comes to smoking cannabis, preparation is required to have a perfect experience. This also includes breaking down your cannabis finely, which leads to a smooth smoking experience. 

A grinder can surely help you with that and enhance your smoking experience. But it is not the only way to break down your cannabis. So, if you don’t have a pot grinder, don’t worry. There are various tricks or methods that you can use to break down your cannabis buds. In this article, you will read about the top 4 methods to break down your buds without the help of a grinder. So, let’s get into it.

Method 1. Going Back to The Basics (Use Your Hands)

This is the most obvious one on the list, and also one of the oldest ways to break down cannabis. Sometimes all you need is to take the help of the basics. Before pot grinders were a thing, cannabis enthusiasts used their hands to break down their buds. It is easy, fun, and simple. Here’s how the process goes – 

  • Make a bowl-like shape with your one hand.
  • Then use the second hand to start breaking apart your buds.

While it is a simple process, it is also a tedious one. Cannabis is sticky and grimy, and the resin will build up around your hands afterward. But you can collect this resin using a credit card or keys and smoke it in a joint or a bong to get an extra kick. This is also one of the most traditional methods to collect resin and make hash. Using your fingers to break down your cannabis also allows you to get familiar with the unique aroma of your strain.

Method 2. Chopping Your Buds With a Knife

You will love this method if you like cooking. For this method, you just need a sharp knife and a chopping board. You can break down (or chop) your cannabis with ease using these items that you can find in your kitchen. Here’s what you have to do – 

  • Place your buds on the chopping board.
  • Use the sharp knife to start slicing through the buds.

The chopping board will keep everything contained. So, you won’t have to worry about any extensive cleaning afterward. Just make sure that you are using clean utensils for this method, otherwise, it can contaminate your buds.

Method 3. Make Use of a Coin And a Container

This is one of my favorite methods. You just need a clean coin and a sturdy container for this method. 

  • Put your cannabis inside the container.
  • Throw a clean coin inside the container as well.
  • Seal the lid of the container, and start giving it a good shake.

The coin will tear through the buds as it thrashes around inside the container. Even the dense and sticky buds will break easily with this method. I would suggest using breath mint tins or prescription bottles for this trick.

Method 4. Use a Coffee Grinder For Large Quantities

If you have large quantities of cannabis, you should use a coffee grinder to grind it. This is the most efficient method of breaking large quantities of cannabis. The process is the same as grinding coffee beans. 

  • Throw your cannabis inside the grind.
  • Begin grinding.

Just make sure that you wash and dry the grinder before and after use to prevent your cannabis and coffee beans from contamination.

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