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A Beginners Guide to Storing Cannabis Properly

For anyone who starts using cannabis for the first time, the first piece of advice is to be prepared. Before getting a medical cannabis card in Murrieta, there are a number of factors surrounding cannabis that every consumer must learn to have the best experience and avoid any unwanted situations. Among these many factors, one that needs special attention is cannabis storage. 

You may not have a special talk about this with your doctor but storing cannabis properly is very crucial. If you are a medical patient who uses cannabis as a treatment, you would not want your medicine to suddenly lose its efficacy. To avoid such a situation, you need to keep your cannabis stash fresh for longer and potent for every dose. And that is only possible if you learn about the different ways of adequate cannabis storage. 

Don’t be confused, I’ll guide through some of the major points that will help you make a start and keep your stash fresh for longer. 

Have a Proper Cannabis Container

The first aspect to consider for cannabis storage is the container. If you have already bought your stash, which container are you using? Let’s see if you are doing it right or not. To find the right container for your cannabis, make sure it has the following features. 


A cannabis container should be airtight. A slight exposure to air can ruin your entire stash. It’s just like a bag of potato chips. If they are not stored properly, the chips lose their crispness and after some time may even develop a mold. The same is the case with cannabis. Whether it is concentrates, edibles or dried flowers, if the container is not airtight, the product will degrade faster. 

Choose Glass Over Plastic

Most dispensaries usually sell their products in glass containers. But in case you buy a product in a plastic or cardboard bag, empty the content in an airtight glass container. Plastic ziplock bags are great for a small time but for long term storage, plastic isn’t the right choice. It is not sturdy enough to keep its contents intact. And in the case of dried buds, the static from the plastic will ruin the precious trichomes and lower the potency of your buds.  

Glass on the other hand is sturdy and protects the texture and shape of your cannabis products. Also, glass does not create any static to break off the trichomes from the surface of the buds. 

Choose an opaque glass container if possible. Continuous exposure to light also lowers the quality of cannabis with time. It may also cause sweating inside the container and ruin the edibles. But if you have a transparent container, make sure to store it in a cool, dark and dry place. 

Pick The Right Size

The size of your container can have a significant impact on the shelf life of your stash. It should neither be too big or too small. Buy a container that’s sufficient for the amount of cannabis you have. Empty space in the container leaves room for trapped air which degrades the quality of your cannabis product. 

Properly Labeled

Labels are another important aspect of all cannabis containers. It helps identify a cannabis product and avoids any accidents. This is the reason why most cannabis products’ packaging is bright, colorful and with lots of cannabis leaves on it. Labels are especially helpful in the case of edibles. With so many varieties nowadays, cannabis edibles can easily pass for normal food. But labels help avoid this problem by making a clear distinction. 

Keep The Stash Out of Reach

It’s true that cannabis is medicinal and it can help in more ways than you can imagine. But unlike you, who is a registered medical cannabis consumer, anyone who isn’t accustomed to consuming cannabis, the entire experience may not necessarily be therapeutic. For starters, if someone comes across your stash of edibles by mistake and consumes them without any thought, it’s easy for them to overdose. And the worst part about overdose is that not only will they have a miserable time at the moment but also the next day. It is generally referred to as a cannabis hangover. 

So if you live around pets, nosy young children or very elderly people, make it a point to store your cannabis in a place where no one can access it. And if you are someone who makes edibles at home, either have a different mini refrigerator or make sure to be very clear to your family member that it’s a cannabis infused recipe.

Environmental Factors That Can Degrade The Quality of Your Stash

Along with the factors we discussed above, another set of important storage conditions for cannabis are the environmental factors. Understanding these factors will let you have a better idea about what you should and should not do to maintain the freshness of cannabis. 


Cannabis is very sensitive to temperature. Whether it is edibles or dried buds, you must keep the stash in a place where the temperature is within the right range. The ideal temperature for cannabis is between 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

High temperatures can dry out the buds and even degrade the terpenes which can ruin the flavor and smell. On the other hand, lower temperature or freezing of cannabis will slow down the natural decarboxylation of cannabis and make it less potent. In addition to this, the trichomes that contain all the THC and other essentials cannabinoids become brittle and break off and result in less potent cannabis.


Cannabis loves humidity but only if it is a certain level. In any case, humidity around cannabis products should not be more than 63 RH. Because humidity is loved the most by molds. Storing your stash in a humid place will lead to the growth of molds like mildew. If cannabis develops this white fuzzy coating, you will have to get rid of the entire stash. 

In some cases the molds aren’t even visible as they are deep within the folds. Consuming such cannabis can be harmful for your health. 


Exposure to excess oxygen is not good for cannabis. The more the exposure, the faster the degradation process. All the while that cannabis is in your container, it is undergoing the decarboxylation process. Which means that the THCA is converting into THC and making it more potent. But exposure to oxygen quickens this process and turns the THC in CBN which does not deliver the same effects as THC. 

On the other hand, low oxygen levels may cause humidity and develop mold just like we discussed above. 

Light or Heat

One of the major enemies of cannabis is light or heat. The longer the exposure the shorter the life. Light or heat dries up the buds making it crumble and not fit for using. It also degrades the cannabinoids and terpenes with time. You will be able to tell that by the loss of color of your buds. 

Even if your cannabis stash is in a glass container, do not keep it in direct sunlight. The light will make the container sweat and promote the growth of mold. 

Now that you are aware of one of the important aspects related to cannabis, you do not have to worry about having a bad session. With these tips, your cannabis stash will stay fresh and potent for longer so that you can have a smooth experience every time.

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