So you finally decided to give cannabis a try? It’s a good call considering the long list of health benefits cannabis has. This green herb can be a solution to your medical needs and provide you the quality of life you’ve always wanted. So think no more and get your 420 evaluations as soon as possible. Once you have your medical card, you’ll be able to purchase cannabis without any hassle or legal issues. But while getting a medical card is easier than ever, thanks to telemedicine, buying cannabis may not necessarily be as easy. 

On entering a cannabis store you’ll be able to find shelves full of different kinds of cannabis products. With so much variety, it may get overwhelming for someone who has been in a cannabis dispensary for the first time. And it’s not just the variety that you must learn about but also the different rules and other basics that will help you find the best product for yourself. So here’s a simple guide to buying cannabis for an easy first purchase.

Acquaint Yourself With The Basic Knowledge About Cannabis

If this is your first time using cannabis, begin by acquainting yourself with the basics. Read about how cannabis works in the body and what you should be expecting in terms of general effects as well as side effects. A little research before using cannabis can prepare you and avoid any confusion or risky situations. When it comes to purchasing cannabis, do thorough research about the following.

Delivery Methods

You can consume cannabis in many different ways. Your choice will depend on the advice of the doctor who will tell you to use a specific method by your doctor based on your medical condition. Or you can choose one based on your preference and the effects you need. Take smoking and edibles for instance. If you need instant effects, smoking is the right option. Edibles, on the other hand, are perfect for someone who isn’t fond of smoke and needs longer effects. 

Now, you may wonder, how is this important for buying cannabis? Different delivery methods involve different products. For example, smoking needs dried flowers that you can burn. Vaping and dabbing require a concentrate. And edibles use food items or beverages infused with cannabis. You can narrow down your choices if you are clear about your choice of delivery method. 


Cannabis does not have only one type. It has thousands of strains that have been bred by people over the years. So if you see names like Durban Poison, Blue Dream, OG Kush or AK-47, don’t get confused. These are the names of different cannabis strains. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read about each and every strain there is. Cannabis is broadly classified into three strains– Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. Read about the difference between them to understand which strain will be best for you. 

Take Time to Find a Source You Can Trust

Nobody wants to risk their safety and health. This is why every cannabis purchase, right from the beginning, should be done from a trusted source only. And you have to give some of your time and make an effort to find this source that you can rely on every time. Here’s how you can do that.

Begin by steering clear from any illegal sellers. There’s a high chance that their products are not of the best quality and may even be contaminated by mold, pesticides, silicon etc. With them out of the picture, all that’s left for you are legal online stores and dispensaries. They have a valid license which proves that all of them are registered with the state government. You can even verify the license number on your state’s official website. A registered source can be trusted to provide only high quality and safe products because they are bound by the marijuana laws of the state. So all the products are properly handled, labeled and tested for contaminants. They maintain a quality standard at all costs to ensure that your health is not compromised. 

Talk to The Budtender

Every legal dispensary will have a budtender who will assist you to find the cannabis product you need. Budtenders usually have enough knowledge about different aspects related to cannabis. Engage in a conversation with them and explain to them in detail what you are looking for. Let the budtender know about the effects you wish to achieve and the strains or products that’ll best suit your requirements. Whether you want a deep sleep, pain relief or wish to stimulate your appetite, there is a strain for everything. And no one knows about it better than a budtender. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them about your budget. They will give you many options that align with your needs. 

You can always clear your queries with them and ask for their input. While your doctor will give you a dosage chart and instructions to follow, a budtender can also assist you in understanding the side effects, safety measures and the right way of consuming cannabis. And if your budtender doesn’t tend to your questions, it’s a sign to look for a different store. 

Always Carry Your Documents

Every time you visit a cannabis dispensary for a purchase, carry your medical marijuana recommendation or ID card with you. No legal dispensary in the state will allow you to clear a purchase if you don’t have an MMJ Card or an ID Card. In a recreational state, you can buy cannabis even with a state-issued identity proof. But if you live in a state that only allows medical cannabis, you will need a medical cannabis card to complete your purchase. Also, a medical card is your key to several privileges like exemption of sales and use tax and higher possession limits. So if you own a medical card then carry it with you every time you are heading to a dispensary for a restock. It is only after you show the card that you will be able to take advantage of all the perks. 

Learn to Identify Good Quality Cannabis Products

You can learn to identify good cannabis. It’s easy but you will need some time to become fluent in differentiating what’s good and what’s not. Here are a few pointers that can help you make a start. 

In the case of edibles, a good product is one that is properly labeled with all the components in the edible. It will also have a general dosage guide, the strain type used and most importantly the manufactured and expiry date. There’s also transparency about all the necessary lab tests for the edible. 

You can use your senses for identifying good quality dried flowers. Always take a look at the buds you are buying. They should be a shade of green with the hues of the color corresponding to the strain it is. Brown, gray or yellow shades are signs of poor quality cannabis. Also, look closely for any white, powdery or fuzzy appearance on the buds. It can be contaminants like silicon, baby powder or mold. The next step is to take a good whiff. If it smells skunky, piney or like its terpene, it’s a good stash. On the contrary, a smell of odor, urine or freshly mowed grass points to low quality. The last step is to feel the texture. It should neither be too wet nor too dry. 

Having read all these important points, now you can enter a dispensary without feeling confused or overwhelmed. You are prepared enough to buy the right cannabis for yourself. So go ahead and make your first purchase.

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