Cannabis Jobs: How to Become a Budtender?

Cannabis Jobs: How to Become a Budtender?

If you wish to work in the field of cannabis and you look forward to becoming a budtender, perhaps this guide can help you navigate through the nuances of becoming a budtender. It is arguably, one of the best jobs in the cannabis industry, and as a marijuana enthusiast, you can hope to work as a budtender. Also, with rapid legalization and states issuing recreational dispensary licenses, the job of a budtender becomes even more relevant. After all, state-licensed dispensaries need all the qualified staff they can get. 

As it happens, the role of a budtender is open and accessible to qualified individuals. But you need to understand what this job demands? More vitally, how do you qualify for the position of a budtender and what to expect from the job? So, let’s begin with the basics first. 

Who Is a Budtender? 

First and foremost, you need to understand that a budtender is not someone who sells cannabis in dispensaries. As a budtender, you are a professional expert with extensive knowledge about cannabis. The budtender spends most of the time in the dispensary explaining the qualities and characteristics of a specific strain. Most budtenders are passionate about cannabis, and they genuinely add value to the customer experience by providing an exceptional shopping experience. 

The job requires skill, and it is considered one of the best roles in the cannabis industry. Contrary to other professions such as a medical cannabis doctor, a cannabis store manager, marijuana edibles chef, etc, the budtender has to talk and interact with the customers on a regular basis. This also means that a budtender must have good sales and communication skills. 

In-Depth Cannabis Knowledge Is the Key to Becoming a Budtender? 

Starting a career in bartending requires training. However, Knowledge can be grasped from personal experience and self-training. Ideally, passionate marijuana lovers go above and beyond to learn everything about the cannabis strain. If you do the same, you can skip the training phase and straight away enter the full-time budtender phase. 

Also, in order to educate yourself on cannabis, ensure that you sign up for cannabis industry newsletters, read current issues, visit websites that provide extensive information on cannabis, and reach out to cultivators for in-depth knowledge. You can also read books about cannabis, read articles and blogs written by cannabis experts, and attend virtual cannabis conferences to stay ahead of the crowd.  

While these things will help you get a budtender job easily, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind. First, learn everything about the products that shelf most cannabis dispensaries. In particular, products that gain maximum traction. You can learn about the source of the product, soil used to grow the strain, etc. You can also gain in-depth knowledge. 

For instance, the strength of cannabinoids, extraction process, and much more. The best budtenders in the US are always in tune with the latest trends and news. So, make sure that you read extensively and stay up-to-date. 

Stay Ahead of the Crowd With Advanced Cannabis Understanding

If you ever meet an experienced budtender, you will notice that they have extensive knowledge about everything that surrounds the cannabis industry. To put things into perspective, here’s an example. The budtender is aware of things like dewaxed shatter, third-party lab reports, the significance of 37% THC test results, different types of extraction methods, and trending strains. This knowledge helps the budtender stay ahead of the competition. More vitally, employers look for individuals who know everything about cannabis. You have to fulfill the role of a cannabis enthusiast, a medical cannabis doctor, expert, and sales-person at the same time. 

Is It Hard to Get a Bartender’s Job? 

The roles and responsibilities of a budtender entwine knowledge and sales skills. However, in-demand positions in state-licensed dispensaries require aspired cannabis enthusiasts to have communication and sales skills too. 

Overall, any hiring organization will look forward to hiring professional and experienced individuals. And by that, we mean someone who can advise customers on cannabis strains while also providing value. So, if you’re looking for a job in the cannabis industry.  First, ask yourself. Are you passionate about cannabis? If the answer is yes, look for jobs near your area. 

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