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Environmental-Friendly Cannabis: Here’s What You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and reports suggest that the value of the legal cannabis market could exceed up to $73 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, recently four states legalized cannabis for recreational use, and look like with Joe Biden as the new President of the US many things will come in favor of the cannabis industry. 

The only problem is that despite all these advancements, the cannabis industry has taken a significant toll on the environment. Environmental-friendly cannabis, thus, has become a major concern. So, let’s see what environmental-friendly cannabis is, and how we can manage to grow and use marijuana without causing severe harm to the environment. 

Cut Down Water Wastage

Several cannabis patients get 420 evaluations in order to decide whether their medical requirement needs more cannabis or not. You see, the legal limit allows an MMJ cardholder to carry and use 8 ounces of cannabis. This law may vary from state to state, but some patients might require more cannabis for the treatment than the legal limit allows. So, in such cases, patients seek a medical marijuana grower’s license that enables them to cultivate increased amounts of cannabis. Which, in turn, is a good thing for the patient, but it may cost the environment severely. 

The amount of water required to get a good yield raises serious environmental concerns. To solve the problem we have some environmental-friendly techniques for you. Also, these techniques will help you save water to a great extent. To begin with we have the traditional soil growing method. In order to save water, you can raise the beds and decrease the amount of water that runs off. 

Another environment-friendly method is aeroponics. In this method, the cannabis plant is suspended in the air and the roots are sprayed with nutrients. This method leaves no room for wastage until the chambers are emptied. For hydroponics, the cultivator must dip the roots in a nutrient-rich solution at different intervals. This system allows the reduction of water through evaporation. 

Save Energy

Let’s face it, a lot of light and wind sources are required to produce an excellent yield. So, to save energy you can utilize solar technology. Solar panels will help reduce your electricity bill and cost the environment much less than you can imagine. Apart from using solar panels, you can also use equipment that offers different settings and you can also invest in a climate control system. If that’s not possible, educate yourself on how to target heating works. Or else, make it a point to learn about the heat and cool root zones of the cannabis plant. This knowledge will help you optimize heat and air requirements accordingly. 

In addition to this, you can also insulate the grow room while reducing the usage of HVAC. As a cheaper option, you can spend money on seeds that are optimized to grow as per regional environmental requirements. While these methods will help you reduce energy use, a growing no. of cultivators rely on HID lights. These High-Intensity Discharge Lights provide maximum light at an inexpensive rate. You can use LED lights to save energy for a long-term period. 

Purchase Products That Arrive In Minimal Packaging

The cannabis market is flooded with various types of products. Some come in the form of tinctures and balms paced inside plastic bottles while others have special packaging features. These products are made of harmful materials. Moreover. Every time you order a cannabis product online, the packaging is extensive with loads of plastic and non-environmental friendly materials. 
Also, while people from the environment department have always criticized how some companies use excessive packaging material, these companies do not think about the waste material they are sending out into the environment. The best part is that environmentally-friendly companies are working on this subject to bring about a significant change. The methods or techniques are as easy as A, B, C. All you have to do is ensure that you purchase products from companies who also take the environment into consideration. There are several cannabis companies out there. You can google one and reach out to them. You’re not being a cannabis snob, you’re taking care of your environment. Also, if you need 420 evaluations in Murrieta reach out to ur state-licensed medical health professionals.

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