In recent times, cannabis edibles have acquired a preference among the masses just like smoking. In fact, during the time of the pandemic, edibles succeeded to take the top spot as a delivery method. And why shouldn’t they? Edibles have a variety that allows it to suit the requirements of different people. It can be consumed like a pill or as food on your plate. On top of all that, it is smokeless. So you don’t have to deal with bad-smelling clothes or hair and can enjoy being discreet with your cannabis use. It makes more sense that more people are inclining towards edibles. 

So are you considering hopping on the same train? If yes, then go ahead but with complete preparation. Because while edibles have its pros, it is not one without its cons. Cannabis edibles do have some side effects like every other delivery method. You can always talk to your 420 doctor in Murrieta about the basic facts about using cannabis edibles as a delivery method to be sure of your safety. In addition to taking guidance from a professional, read along to acquaint yourself with some of the common side effects of cannabis edibles and how to deal with them effectively. 

Possibility of an Overdose

The first thing to learn about edibles is that it is very easy to overdose on them. And if you are a beginner, the chances of it happening are higher. Here’s why.

One, it’s difficult to measure the accurate amount of cannabis in an edible. Unlike a dried flower or concentrate, it’s not easy to pinpoint the amount of THC or CBD in an edible. So, it will get difficult to understand how much of a bite you need from a cannabis brownie or a chocolate to feel the effects. And considering that doses vary from person to person, it gets more difficult to identify the exact amount of edible a patient should consume. 

Two, edibles are processed in the body differently. When the edibles pass through the liver for absorption into the bloodstream, the THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC which has more bioavailability which makes it more potent than just THC. Combined with the uncertainty of the right dose, the higher potency of edibles can lead to an intolerable high and an overall uncomfortable experience. 


Avoid the risks of an overdose by buying your edibles from a state-licensed dispensary or online store only. They are registered with the state government and have the obligation to meet the standards and safety requirements. So, these sellers will mention the closest accurate dose on all their edible products. These products are also labeled with the amount of THC and CBD and the minimum dosage instructions to keep you from overdosing. 

Also, make sure that you do not overestimate your dosage and consume only a small amount at the beginning. This process is called titration or microdosing. Since edibles have a higher potency, a small dose is enough for your body to experience the effects. 

Slow Onset

Unlike smoking and other delivery methods, cannabis edibles will not kick in your body instantly. It may not even work within 30 minutes! The range for the onset of cannabis edibles is anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This happens because of the way edibles are processed in the body. 

Cannabis edibles are digested by your body just like food. So the digestive system takes up the work of breaking the edibles down into the cannabinoids and other chemicals that can be easily absorbed by the bloodstream. But before the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream and the CB receptors, the edibles have to go through the entire digestive system. From the stomach to the small intestines, each organ takes its time with the edibles. This is the reason why edibles take time to kick in. Slow onset can also cause beginners to misunderstand it as the ineffectiveness of edibles. As a result, they consume more to feel the effects and end up with an overdose.


The slow onset of edibles is its characteristic. There are not many ways to reduce the onset time of edibles. Some people try consuming edibles on an empty stomach to increase the bioavailability and reduce the onset time. But this is an ill advised tactic and not supported by medical professionals. Try having cannabis beverages instead. They kick in faster and last for a shorter time too. 

If you wish to consume edibles, make sure that you time it according to your condition. And if you need quick relief, refrain from using edibles altogether. 

Dry Mouth

If you have smoked cannabis before, you may have experienced a dry feeling in your mouth after a few sessions. It’s called dry mouth or cottonmouth. And it’s a common side effect that you will experience with edibles as well. 

The reasons behind this side effect are the cannabinoids, THC and CBD. These cannabinoids react with the CB receptors in your mouth and regulate saliva production. As a result, your mouth gets dry with continuous cannabis consumption. 


A simple solution to dryness is water. Whenever it is time for your dose, keep a water bottle by your side and keep yourself properly hydrated. 

Red Eyes

Another common side effect of cannabis is red, bloodshot eyes. It is usually associated with cannabis smokers. But a common belief is that it’s the smoke that causes irritation and redness of eyes. In reality, it is the cannabinoids that work behind the scenes and cause different effects in the body including red eyes. So, even if you have edibles, you may experience red eyes. 

The cannabinoids in the edibles increase the heart rate and blood pressure of the consumer. It stays high for some time and then lowers back to normal. But while the blood pressure and heart rate of the consumer returns to normal, the capillaries of the body dilate, including the ocular capillaries. This dilation causes the blood flow to increase to the eyes which causes redness.


If you are experiencing red eyes continuously, the best way to deal with them is by using eye drops. You can find some very effective over the counter eye drops from your local pharmacist. 

Accidental Ingestion

This aspect is more like a hazard than a side effect. Edibles are basically normal food that is infused with cannabis. It won’t be easy to differentiate between regular food and cannabis infusions without any special marks. So, if you have a habit of scattering your belongings around the house, avoid doing the same with cannabis edibles. It is very easy for anyone to mistake it for regular food. And considering its slow onset, they may even consume more than they should without realizing anything. Their aftermath may not be a tolerable experience for them. 


To avoid such cases of accidental ingestion, keep your edibles out of reach of anyone. Do not remove the edibles from their packages to help people identify the edibles. If you don’t have the packaging, label the product yourself to avoid anyone confusing it for regular food.

Did you go through each point carefully? If yes, then go ahead and begin your cannabis journey with edibles. And remember to be safe and responsible while using edibles.

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