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What is Cannabis Pollen? How to Collect, Store & Use Them?

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Female marijuana plants generate buds, which are used for health benefits. However, male plants are grown for producing new strains. They develop pollen, which is used to create seeds. Breeders usually cross two strains to create a new strain with different colors, aromas, and medicinal effects. For instance, Gorilla Cookies Auto is a cross between Gorilla Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto.

Read on to learn more about marijuana pollen, its importance, collecting & storing it.

What is Marijuana Pollen?

Just like female plants, male plants also flower—they produce pollen sacs. These are small ball-like materials, which open up after they get mature. As a result, releasing pollen. Pollen helps in perpetuating its species, thus producing new strains. This is achieved by pollinating the buds of one strain with the pollen of another.

Marijuana pollen has a dusty, yellowish appearance. Pollen spreads in the air when the plants are kept outdoors. For indoor growers, it’s important to collect pollen from the male plants and use them to fertilize the female plants. Male plants usually release pollen about 4-5 weeks after they flower.

Collecting Cannabis Pollen

Many cannabis growers prefer pollinating their plants for creating new strains. Male plants produce pollen sacs, which should be collected carefully when they are about to open. 

Quick Tips For Collecting Pollen

  • Turn off all the fans
  • Wear high-quality gloves when collecting pollen
  • Wear a mask to avoid breathing in pollen
  • Cover your eyes using goggles
  • Avoid visiting a neighbor’s garden after collecting pollen

Collecting pollen isn’t very hard. 

However, you must be very careful when collecting pollen. They can easily stick to clothes, hair, hand, etc. So, be super cautious when you are around female plants.

Another thing is, you must check the male plants every day. The objective is to be aware of when they are getting mature. Take a look at its shape and color. Premature seeds are light in color and small in size. Fully mature seeds have a big size and dark brown, sometimes tiger stripes. So, when you see they are about to open, get a Ziplock bag, and collect pollen. 

How to Store Marijuana Pollen?

Pollen is sensitive to light and moisture. So, always store it in a dry place. You can use small glass containers for storing pollen. The containers should be airtight.

Collect all the pollen collected from the plants. You can use a piece of paper for this purpose. Simply put a funnel on the container, and move the pollen into the container slowly. Use a small brush to move all the pollen into the glass containers. It’s good to label the containers with the date of putting pollen in them.

If you are planning to store pollen for a long time, prefer adding a little flour to it. This will help in keeping pollen dry—moisture can damage the viability of pollen.

Using Marijuana Pollen

Take out the pollen from the refrigerator at least 12-24 hours before you actually want to use it. If you don’t do this, the pollen will absorb moisture from the air. 

Simply take out some pollen from the container and seal it back. Use a brush to get the pollen on the marijuana flowers. It’s important to note that for producing good seeds, you must apply the pollen when the pistils are fully developed, which usually happens about 3-5 weeks into the flowering stage.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana pollen is a small ball-like material produced by male cannabis plants. It can pollinate female plants, and produce new strains. Pollen is highly sensitive to light and air, so it’s necessary to store it in an airtight glass container and store it in a cool, dry place. For long-term storage, you can mix some flour with the pollen.
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