Your Ultimate Guide to Fresh Frozen Marijuana

I am sure everyone in their life has consumed frozen food. Whoever is reading this post will agree to the fact that frozen food holds a prominent place in the food industry. For instance, take the restaurants, almost everything you eat in a restaurant is frozen and the credit goes to Clarence Birdseye who invented the frozen food industry. This invention perhaps brought about a revolution in the food industry and was incredibly easy to consume. Not only this but frozen food can also be preserved for days, weeks, and even months. The reason why the food industry uses the concept of frozen food. 
However, the concept of freezing is not limited to food. It is fair to say that the cannabis industry also enjoys the benefits of frozen marijuana. Especially fresh frozen marijuana that is cultivated with care and attention. Theoretically, frozen marijuana should retain the high qualities of the bud and its usage should last longer periods. Also, it is noteworthy that the commercial industry is using frozen cannabis as a source to create high-THC resin with high quantities of terpenes. This is to say that the cannabis industry cherishes the concept of frozen cannabis and with the help of this post we will explore the potentials of frozen cannabis

What is frozen marijuana?

To begin with, let us take a look at the basics. First and foremost frozen cannabis is created cryogenically. This means that cannabis buds freeze the buds immediately after harvest. Now, if we look at the process of freezing, you don’t get the dry and crumbly product. In fact, frozen marijuana is created with the help of frozen trim and bud.

What should you freeze cannabis?

If you are a marijuana cultivator, you know what frozen marijuana looks like and how it is created. But for the novice cannabis users, here is how the traditional cannabis is formed. After the flower is fully grown or in other words you can say once the trichomes turn white and pistils change color, you cut down the bud. Soon after it is cut, the next step is to dry and cure the buds in glass jars. Make sure that you glass because plastics can cause chemical reactions. 

After curing the buds. Let them set for months in the same jar because it takes time to produce high-quality buds. At some point in time you might think that the process is taking quite long but if you do not wait for the buds may turn out to be impotent. So, the curing process is the most crucial and fruitful in nature. However, this shows that a lot of time, money and energy are utilized in the traditional process of curing marijuana. 

In addition to this, you also have to make sure that factors like humidity and temperature do not affect the bud. In such cases, you have to maintain room temperature and store the jar in a cold and dry place. This step is also essential because losing the bud to humidity and excess heat will cause frustration. 

So, instead of going to traditional companies these days prefer using an industrial freezer to cure cannabis. The freezer might cost you a bit more than you expected but eventually, you will be able to generate frozen buds in less time and without any inconvenience. It is one of the newest methods and most companies appreciate this method of freezing marijuana. 

What is the process of freezing marijuana

Now that you know why it is important to freeze marijuana, here is the process that will help you freeze cannabis. The first step is to forget about the process of curing and drying. Yes, freezing will not require you to cure or freeze cannabis. All you have to do is cut down the plant, remove the branches, leaves, and stems. This activity is followed by applying a seal to the remaining parts of the cannabis plant. You can buy vacuum bags for the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. 

Moving on, now that you have your cannabis in the bags, secure all the bags in a massive freezer. Adjust the temperature to -38 degrees Fahrenheit and then make sure that the freezer is locked. After all, you don’t want anybody opening the freezer again and again. Soon after the freezing process, you will realize that you were able to retain the quality of the cannabis plant without making extra efforts. Not only this but the freezing process allows you to lock the terpenes, water, and flavors. 

Note: Do not keep the buds out for more than 60 minutes. As soon as you cut them, try and freeze them within an hour. This will help you retain all the qualities faster. 

Final thoughts on frozen marijuana 

It is easier than ever to generate frozen marijuana. Instead, frozen marijuana is steadily gaining popularity. Especially as more and more farmers are creating frozen marijuana because it can be used to form products like balms, oils, beverages, and edibles. But make sure you buy these products with the help of a medical marijuana card in California or the city you reside in. Once you buy products made from freshly frozen marijuana, use them sensibly and when in doubt consult a medical marijuana doctor. 

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